Latest PS4 System Update Optimizes System Performance



Have you all been having trouble signing into your PlayStation network lately? Well, you’re not alone. A whole lot of gamers in the last few days have come up with similar issues and wondering what the solution is.

Sony has introduced a new PS4 system update. The update will be known as version 5.05 and will be available for download on both the Ps4 pro and Ps4 consoles. The console is expected to improve the overall performance of the system. Sony has clarified that when they talk about the update, its just an improvement of the operating system and does little to enhance the gaming experience or performance.

What’s more is that the system update is kind of a mandatory  update. In order to access some of the additional features of the console including online multiplayer the upgradation is a must. The update is said to be around 375 mb and is recommended to everyone who do not want to end up losing their online playing experience.

There are also news circulating around the market that Sony wants to come up with an even bigger update and is looking for beta testers for the said update. The exact details of this update are still unknown. The registrations to become beta testers has opened. You have to be 18 years or older and possess a PSN master account to be eligible for registration.

The last PS4 update came in October and beta testers were given access to features like Message improvements, family and etc. What betas will get access to this time around is still unknown. But becoming part of Sony as a beta tester may have its own fringe benefits.

Have you updated your PS4 yet? and if so have you faced any issues? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.