The Last Of Us 2 Motion Capture Video Shows What It Takes To Give The Game A Realistic Feel


The Last Of Us 2 was announced to thunderous applause a few weeks ago on the PlayStation Experience, and we now also have a video which details its motion capture, and details the work that it takes into making the characters appear more realistic.

The video shows you just how much effort and dedication actually goes into delving into each and every detail, and how motion capture actors differ from the characters that they actually portray. The video showcases how Ellie’s facial characteristics have been defined and details the differences between the actress who portrays Ellie and her in game version.

Considering the game takes place a few years after the events of the previous games, it would make sense for Ellie to at least have some semblance to the actress portraying her as opposed to her in game model in the previous game, and hence the developers have gone with a more freckled look to possibly show the effects of puberty, and to slim her face down a bit to better portray the image of a young woman, fighting for the chance to exact revenge upon her enemies.

Furthermore the video shows probably a test run where the actress who portrays Ellie’s character can be seen making silly faces to gauge how the in game character looks, and also shows us what it takes to develop in game movement amongst other things.

The Last Of Us was a game which in many ways redefined the whole gaming industry as it incorporated a brilliant story, and some amazing duck and cover gameplay as well. Great things are expected from its sequel as well, and if the trailer is anything to go by , it will definitely be an interesting ride. Let us know what do you think about the Last Of Us 2 by commenting in the comments section below.