The Last Guardian Day One Patch Fixes Camera Issues Amongst Other Things

Team ICO

Only one day remains before Team Ico’s The Last Guardian is finally released. There is considerable hype for a game that took nearly 8 years to make, and now it appears that there has already been a release of two day one patches.

Those who have received an early copy of The Last Guardian have reported that Patch 1.01 has been released for the game which has a file size of 1 GB. This reportedly fixes the camera and in game movements. A second patch which has a considerably smaller install size of 174.2 MB has also been released and it provides minor improvements and bug fixes. Both of the said patches will also be available on the day of the launch

The most interesting thing to note is that the file sizes for these day one patches are quite reasonable. (Considering I was literally pulling my hair waiting for Final Fantasy XV’s 8 GB first day patch to finish installing).

The game took nearly 8 years to develop, and it understandably has a lot of hype and fans of Team ICO are expecting the game to be a smash hit. If reports are anything to go by the pre order numbers for the game have already exceeded Sony’s expectations.

According to Sony’s product manager Joe Palmer:

I can’t comment on specific details, but I can say that pre-orders for The Last Guardian are exceeding expectations. We’ve seen a really positive response to the Collector’s Edition in particular, which despite its higher price point proves there’s a huge appetite for the game.


Also the in game file sized has also been revealed, and it requires 15 GB of hard disk space, and there are still doubts on whether or not the game will support the PS4 Pro at launch.

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