Who Is The Lantern That Appeared In The Justice League?

Justice League 2


We take a look at the Lantern that appeared in the Justice League and try to identify his identity

All of us got to finally see the super hero team that we all had been waiting for, the Justice League. While Justice League failed to satisfy the critics, the fans thought of it as a great advancement for Warner Bros and DC. There were some fans though who were unhappy with the whole Justice League not being present.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash and the Aqua man were all part of the team that came together to beat Steppenwolf. One character that wasn’t present though was Green Lantern. A small glimpse of the Lanterns was shown, during Wonder Woman’s flashback of the time when the Atlanteans, Amazonians and Men combined forces to take down Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf’s unprecedented strength was shown as he easily slayed one of the Lanterns which a Reddit user is predicting to be Yalan Gur. For those of you who don’t know who Yalan Gur is, he is the Lantern that was assigned to protect earth which comes in Space Sector 2814.

Warner Bros and DC have denied the lantern character having a specific canonical identity but the Reddit user is convinced that he is indeed  Yalan Gur. In addition to the historical perspective, the user argues that the appearance of the character also resembled the Green Lantern of the comics.

The flashback shown in the Justice League in addition to the Green Lantern theory can also point out many other possibilities as well. The person with the lightning bolts for instance is being thought of as Zeus. If the Greek Mythology is brought in the future possible storylines we might see more Greek Gods show up which may raise the possibility of linkages with our original super heroes. For instance if Poseidon shows up, he might be related to Aquaman.