Koei Tecmo Releasing VR Sense Machines With 3 Different Titles


Koei Tecmo Wave has announced that they will be foraying into the realms of virtual reality this summer by announcing their multi-purpose VR machines titled Sense.

As the title suggests the machine alludes to stimulating all 5 of your senses, and is going to be the first of its kind. Its operations are not limited to amusements only however. They will be releasing a number of different games on the platform. The first 3 proposed titles for the machine are GI Jocky, Dynasty Warriors and Horror. The announcement came via a press conference today on February 6th 2017

According to the gamecity.ne these are the specifications of the device and the Features of the device

The action to experience ” multi-functional 3D sheet “

Various liven up the sense of realism ” aroma function”

To produce the unexpected surprise ” touch function”

Feel the expanse of space ” wind function”

Feel the changes in the environment, ” hot and cold function”

Feel the climate, such as rain and moisture ” mist function”


Stylish and highly convenient housing

● The size of the enclosure is kept compact, making it easy to install and move by dividing it.

● Multiple software can be installed regardless of genre

● Easy to update games Convenience

Scheduled to be released this summer (price unknown)

● Enclosure / 3 games included

● Additional software: additional charge

● pay-per-use
(promotional support: promotional information for the back monitor is constantly updated)

● housing Specifications: Players: 1 person /
size (planned): W1,016mm × D2,075mm × H1,788mm / weight: 300kg~400kg

Its great to see that there is another competitor heading into the realms of VR , and if the machine matches its description it is surely bound to be a success. As of yet there is no concrete release date announced , and the machine is still in development so it is unclear if it will be heading to the shores of Europe and North America anytime soon.



Source: Famitsu