Killing Floor 2 Will Not Have Native 4k On The Xbox One X Due To Framerate Issues

Xbox One X


Something that we’re sure to hear a lot about in the near future are developers facing issues getting to run their games at a native 4k resolution on the Xbox One X despite it being marketed as a premium console. This has already started as the devs for Killing Floor 2 have give up on native 4k for their game due to unfavorable framerate drops and issues.

Tripwire Interactive only recently told publicly that their high-paced zombie shooter, Killing Floor 2, would be arriving for the Xbox One soon and with a bit of improvements for the Xbox One X. Unfortunately, these improvements will not include a native 4k resolution for the game as the devs had problems maintaining a stable framerate while making the game run in native 4k.

“Killing Floor 2 runs at native 1800p, fixed resolution (no checkerboarding) on Xbox One X. We did experiment with true 4K rendering, but the frame rate drop was a bit too significant. 1800p provides the optimal balance between visual quality and performance in Killing Floor 2.”, this is what Dave Elder of Tripwire had to say.

Even though the game won’t be running on a native 4k resolution, the Xbox One X version of the game will still be the best version to play because of the higher capabilities of the One X. The PS4 Pro uses checkerboard rendering to upscale games to 4k but a true 1800p resolution will definitely be more visually appealing than upscaling.

Killing Floor 2 is set to arrive on Xbox One on August 29 and the Xbox One X version of the game will have significantly better visuals than the base version (and also better framerate). This is only the start for devs to complain about constraints about the Xbox One X as Microsoft is keeping its price to a minimum while providing native 4k.

For everything new on Killing Floor 2, stay tuned!