Justice League On Route To Become A Huge Success?



Wonder Women has proven to be the game changer for DCEU. After extreme criticism from fans and critics worldwide DCEU finally managed to produce a film that satisfied everyone. The direction, story line and acting all were beautifully amalgamated into one giving the fans a memorable experience. Wonder Women will be cherished by DCEU forever and here’s why.

Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice despite attaining financial success at the box office were often critiqued for its poor direction and confusing story lines. It seemed that Snyder and the Warner Bros were clueless as to what they were doing wrong. Petty Jenkins then took over the mantle and came up with Wonder Women. Initially Warner Bros and DC were giving Jenkins little chance but her brilliant projector of the first ever female super hero allowed her to win millions of hearts worldwide. Moreover, it also gave the team an important insight as to what exactly the target market wants. DCEU now seem to have discovered the formula for success and may reapply it to its films in the future.

Justice League sequel to Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice had a test screening recently and showed positive reviews. As reported by Batman News.com three people who were asked about the movie considered it to be phenomenal. One of them had earlier disliked Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice but seemed to like the new movie.

After Superman’s death Batman and Wonder Woman join alliances to create a team of the Earth’s mightiest heroes. The earth is threatened by DarkSeid’s lieutenant Steppenwolf and a infantry is needed. After Wonder Women’s success fans will also be able to relate better with the character and we can expect people to come in great numbers to watch the movie.

So it seems Justice League is going to be a smash hit if early reviews are anything to go by. Let us know if you will be heading to watch the Justice League when it releases by commenting in the comments section below.