Justice League Upgraded Batmobile Revealed

Justice League

Holy weapons upgrade, Batman! It was clear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that Batman had plenty of firepower in the Batmobile, but it looks like there will be even more in Justice League. A whole lot more. Zack Snyder has shared a brand new photo of the upgraded Batmobile and there is no question that it is seriously loaded down with fancy new weapons.

The director shared the photo to Vero, which he has recently preferred over the likes of Instagram or Twitter. Anyhow, the photo displays the newly modified Batmobile which features plenty of noticeable, guns, cannon and armor upgrades. A toy version of this new Justice League Batmobile was seen at last month’s NY Toy Fair. Here is what Zack Snyder had to say in the caption he provided with the new Justice League image.

Upgrades… what are you worried about Wayne.”

We don’t know whether director Matt Reeves will keep this design in The Batman, but it does provide him with a decent option. Although Batman has almost always had some sort of weaponry on all his vehicles, a major point of criticism in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was Batman abandoning his trademark ‘I shall not kill’ policy and carrying out small scale massacres with some of his kills being lots of bullets kind of traditional. Let’s just hope that guns aren’t the only things Batman uses to bring down fiends in Justice League. Nevertheless the important thing is that the upgrades definitely look badass and that’s what really counts.

This Batmobile image will have serve for fans awaiting an official Justice League trailer. Gal Gadot teased that the trailer will be coming soon, but we have no idea what she means by soon. The best guess would be that the latest trailer will probably arrive in time to play in theaters with Wonder Woman, which releases in June. There was “special Comic-Con” footage last year during SDCC that was all but a first teaser trailer for Justice League, but it has been more than seven months since then and fans are getting impatiently waiting to see what Zack Snyder is set to deliver.

Justice League is  set for release on November 17.