Justice League Underperforms At The US Box Office

Justice League 2


The much-awaited Justice League was finally released in the US but underperformed in its domestic market. Warner Bros, after the success of Wonder Women were hoping that the Justice League will maintain the upward momentum for the franchise. But weak box office performances show quite a sorry picture for Warner Bros and DC.

According to the Variety the movie managed to clock $96 million in revenue from 4051 locations in the US . While topping the box office charts the number failed to meet the studio’s expectation of $110 million. Moreover, the movie has the worst opening for any DC movie in the US. Justice League trailed previous DC installments which were as follows, Wonder Women ($103 million) ,Man of Steel ($116 million), Suicide Squad ($133 million),and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166 million).

Marvel in contrast has done quite a magnificent job. Thor: Ragnarokfor instance managed to bring in $247.4 million from the first 17 days in the US box office. According to the Variety, Justice League was not even in the top 50 best openings of all time coming in at 53.

Critics were even harsher on the franchise. The biggest controversy  was spiked by Rotten Tomatoes that failed to release the scores initially. After the movie release the movie was given a disappointing 40%. The movie also received a B+ cinema score which again was well below the scores of some other DC and Marvel installments.

Warner Bros and DC were certainly not hoping for the start they got. The movie’s production cost around $300 million. The utmost priority for Warner Bros at the moment would be to break even, which they will undoubtedly do eventually despite the less then impressive start.

Justice League may have underperformed but the fans have praised the movie and feel that the critics have been too harsh. What’s your take on this? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.