Justice League Latest Update And The Role Of Superman?



Justice League is only a month away from release. Fans are excited as ever and former director Zack Snyder is doing enough to raise their curiosity levels. On Thursday, Snyder released some story boards on Vero. One scene that caught the attention was a group of ancient Viking like characters burying the mother box.

From what we can guess the mother box’s  can be valuable instruments and may be the reason for the invasion of Darkseid and Steppenwolf on earth. Currently there are three mother boxes on earth. One is with the Amazonians, one is in Atlantis and the other one is unknown. According to our analysis the last mother box might be used to create Cyborg. When Cyborg gets into an accident his father tries to treat and revive him. But after numerous tries he fails. He then might be prompted to use the mother box which might be a government protected property. However, being a high ranked government officer he decides to use the product and save his son’s life.

DC some time back released a long four minute trailer for Justice League. While it revealed a lot it still had some blurry messages. The role for Superman for instance is quite unclear. At the end of the trailer we see a character come up to Alfred. The character is hidden from the camera and Alfred does all the talking. We believe that the audience was made to believe it was Superman but in reality it might have just been another other character.Hint ( In Brightest Day, In Blackest Nights; No Evil Shall Escape My Sight)

We also believe that Superman might possibly be an antagonist in the film. If this truly is a sequel to Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice then it surely must follow the movie’s story line as well. However the chances of that happening are slim as DC will build upon the Justice League in the near future.