Justice League Is All Set To Be A Success



We take a look at the chances of success of Warner Bro’s Super Hero team up the Justice League

DC and Warner Bros are set to release Justice League later this November and this will be a make or break with them. Warner Bros haven’t trodden that much in the super hero genre. Arguably Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga  is the only major success they have had and although Wonder Woman’s entry into the genre has been a success , there is still a long way to go before DC can catch up. Marvel on the other hand are at their peak. They made fans familiar with their super heroes first and then amalgamated them into the Avengers. Avengers in addition have quite a lot of success amongst fans with the humor that they add in their movies.

Despite Justice League’s late entry, we think it will do quite well. Warner Bros was struggling to understand the consumer mindset, but we feel that their latest release in Wonder Women has set them on the right track.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, Justice League is touted as being a successful entry into the super hero genre. Test screenings have revealed that the audience seem to resonate with the film. Moreover, Justice League’s audience has also scored it close to Wonder Women.

Wonder Women which was initially looked upon as an underdog made quite a mark. In a world where feminism is at its peak, a movie with the Wonder Women concept went will with the audience. Now the inclusion of a strong independent Woman who is more than just a eye candy in  super hero team is bound to go well with the audiences. Marvel till now hasn’t had a super hero who radiates the same amount of energy and female empowerment as Wonder Women. DC and Warner Bros should look to build upon this in the future.