Justice League Slithers Its Way Out Of Theatres

Justice League 2


If you’re a film producer and director, you wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for Justice League. Justice League was supposed to be  the light at the end of the tunnel for Warner Bros and company but instead it turned out to be quite a mediocre film which was marred by inconsistencies.

Justice League’s run in the theatre is finally ending but with an income statement that your finance teachers warned you about. The movie ended its run in over 1500 theatres on the weekend and has with it a rather scanty financial profile. On the global arena the movie managed to clock in $424 million and with $222 million in the domestic office taking the total to a gross revenue of $646 million.

Exhibitor Relations had this to tweet about the issue “JUSTICE LEAGUE dropped over 1,500+ theaters this weekend and fell -76%, topping out w/ $222M domestic. Folks, that’s $190M less than WONDER WOMAN and $5M less than Will Smith’s HANCOCK–that’s gonna sting for a bit.”

Justice League could have been so much more than what it was now. The first mistake that the producer did was to not properly introduce the characters to the public. Second, even if we overlook the first mistake, the full potential of the individual characters was never portrayed properly.

Comic book fans get behind the likes of  Marvel because each character has an identity of its own with unique skills. That’s how the audience respects the character but for DC this wasn’t the case. Everyone was so eager to bring back Superman back to life. This gives the impression that Superman is the Justice League. Aquaman’s sea kingdom (Sharks, Kraken, Whales) could have been summoned. Moreover, Cyborg could have been utilized in a better way as well. In short the movie was supposed to be the knight in shining armor for DC but it ended up being a below average movie at best.