Doctor Strange Co-Producer Criticizes Rotten Tomatoes On Justice League Rating



Rotten Tomatoes’ latest rating on the Justice League has been the center of controversy in Hollywood. The aggregator refused to give the rating before the screening of the film. After the release, it gave a gloomy 40% which was supposed to be Warner Bros’ game changing product.

Competitors even criticized Rotten Tomatoes for their delay feeling something fishy to be going around behind the scenes. C. Robert Cargill for instance, Co-Writer for Doctor Strange took it to the aggregator. As reported Indiewire, Cargill regarding the issue said that “What scared me, frankly, was that all of the film’s reviews were held back from the site as well.” Cargill explained. “In an era when Rotten Tomatoes has become the go to aggregator — one so powerful and commonly used that simply googling a film also turns up its Freshness rating in Google’s general information box — websites rely upon exciting blockbusters like Justice League to drive traffic to their reviews, and discover their sites and writers. I, myself, use it every week to sift through and read a handful of both positive and negative reviews, usually by critics I trust.”

Cargill in the article indicated that he has a comic book enthusiast wanted such movies to succeed and make it in the box office. Rotten Tomatoes’ attitude on the issue wasn’t acceptable. Rotten tomatoes in recent times has created a huge name for itself. As mentioned by Cargill, it’s a huge force in the industry and for them act in childish immature ways is something that should not be taken lightly. Cargill said that “ As a film critic, filmmaker, but chiefly film lover, I want to see that this power is wielded properly, and impartially.”

While fans have given the movie a positive reception Justice League has received a lukewarm reception from the critics and media.

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