Justice League Opening With $8.5 Million Worldwide



We take a look at Justice League’s opening day in non-US markets, and it has been nothing short of a success.

Justice League was finally released on Wednesday and has done quite well on its opening day. Warner Bros studios started by releasing the movie in few regions around the world excluding the US. The movie has earned a whopping $8.5 million on the first day of release.

Companies like Warner Bros launch such movies in foreign markets before releasing in the home country. This gives them  a fair idea on the movie has performed and its expectations in their home country. Moreover if the movie does well elsewhere, it also raises the audiences curiosity levels, increasing the chances of higher turnovers at cinemas across the US.

Justice League was run on 6000 different screens in the markets of France, Brazil, and Korea.  The movie did the most well in Brazil making $3.7 million breaking the record of the highest release of all time. Korea was to follow next, where it made $1.14 million with France coming last with $1.1 million.

Justice League is a movie that fans have been waiting for years. The opening numbers are bound to be good but the question is whether they can be sustained or not. Take France for instance. The initial opening of $1.1 billion was 19% ahead of Wonder Women’s opening weekend. But most of people never gave Wonder Women the initial chance and the momentum grew through word of mouth. Warner Bros have projected a $110 million opening weekend in the US which again is higher than Wonder Women’s $103 million but lower than Suicide Squad’s $133 million and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’s $166 million.

Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman’s initial success is a clear example of how things can get haywire if the movie fails to please the audience But so far despite some flaws the overall fan reactions have been good.