Justice League Dark: News And Speculations

Justiice league

The Dark Universe will be heading to screens in the form of ‘Justice League Dark’ adapted from the comic book series revolving around dark wizardry characters like Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Etrigan and many others. There has been speculation galore regarding the film’s plot and will continue to rise as film productions starts pretty soon. The movie’s set to play a major part in the DC Cinematic Universe as things move forward.

The film had been in the works since 2012, however there was no concrete development. Guillermo del Toro spent years crafting and developing the script and screenplay of Justice League Dark/Dark Universe with the intention of directing it himself. However, the filmmaker official withdrew himself from the project to focus on other fast developing projects at hand. Now Variety reports that Warner Bros have acquired director Doug Liman to direct the film, with Scott Rudin producing and Michael Gilio writing the script. Liman – the man behind the making of Bourne Identity and Edge Of Tomorrow was supposed to head the development of FOX’s X-Men spinoff Gambit starring Channing Tatum. However with production delayed for the movie and no date set, the director saw fit to move on and embark on this DC project. Liman is the perfect pick by Warner Bros to spearhead the project, given his work on movies like Edge Of Tomorrow where he underlines an entertaining fun story with sentiments making him the ideal choice for this upcoming project. The combination of an early script by del Toro and Liman’s direction it’s hard to assume things not working out in the end product of the movie.

Justice League Dark was launched in 2011 as part of the New 52 reboot, meant to bring forward a team of supernatural beings that differed from the Justice League in terms of operations. This slew of dark-heroes is associated with the magical realm and is reported to be led by Constantine – the original leader of the group in the comics. Although the comics had several women in the group, the film is said to have only one in the lineup that is magician Zatanna. Characters like Raven, Black Orchid and Pandora have been surprisingly left out.

No plot details have been made available for now keeping fans under the loop, however, it’s been rumored that the story will involve around a maniac determined to unleash destruction on the world through a collection of weird old ancient stones. John Constantine will be on the lookout for people with odd powers like him, and put together a team to stop the madman. Further clues of the movie will be provided through the animated version of Justice League Dark which will consequently influence Liman’s Dark Universe. It is said that the live version of Justice League Dark will play a major role on the DC Cinematic Universe Overall.

It’s been reported that Warner Bros plan to release the film somewhere around 2017. Speculations have been on the rise on who gets cast on the movie, with many wanting the return of actor Matt Ryan as Constantine from the TV series of the same name. It’ll be interesting to see how the movie turns out, given fans are ecstatic for its release. Speculations will definitely be on the rise as production goes underway. Are you excited for the movie? Who do you want to see be cast as the team members? Let us know about your views by commenting in the comments section below.