The Joy-Con Can Apparently Charge The Nintendo Switch?



A report  from JuegosADN claims that the Joy-Con can be used to charge Nintendo Switch . This comes after their team  had the opportunity to visit the offices of Nintendo to try their hand at its newest console the Switch. The console is going to go on sale from March 3rd 2017. Their report states that when the console is in portable mode it allows the Joy-Cons to charge the  console and vice versa.

This means that when you are playing the Switch on Notebook mode , the Joy con may be able to charge the console , and vice versa . this can also be done without the load cables. The feature apparently kicks in when the console is low on battery , and will allow the players to play a bit more till they find an appropriate charging solution.

For example this will happen when the Switch has less than 10% power remaining , and the Joy Con is at around a 100% , and this is where the Joy-Con will start charging the console.

However that’s not all  the team also took the opportunity to make a  a video where we can see the inside of the dock Nintendo Switch where ports power adapter, USB and HDMI are located. You can see this video below:

personally speaking if this is indeed true I don’t get the whole function of charging a almost battery dead console with a Joy-Con. Its akin to charging a Laptop with a cell phone , and is something which is quiet unexpected.

So what do you think about the Switch’s purported new feature. Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.