PlayStation UK Takes A Dig At Jose Mourinho’s PlayStation Football Statement



Jose Mourinho AKA The Special one has had a rather colorful career , and he is not one to shy away from controversy , and voice his opinions.

Last night his team were successful in their First UEFA Champions League match of the season against FC Basel. But Mourinho wasn’t particularly impressed with his sides performance.

“Until 2-0 we were stable, we played with confidence,” Mourinho told BT Sport. “After 2-0 everything changed, we stopped playing seriously and stopped making right decisions.”

In Mourinho’s opinion his team made bad decisions and he accused them of playing “PlayStation Football” . “We Were playing PlayStation football, “I don’t like it flicks and tricks”. For those of you who are still in the dark about Mourinho’s statements he is obviously referring to the FIFA series whose latest version FIFA 18 is all set to come out in the near future, and is available on all next gen consoles.

Following the comments from Mourinho PlayStation UK decided to have some fun , and engaged in a banter with the special one . Here’s what they Tweeted in response to Mourinho.


Kudos to the PlayStation UK social media team for playing this one out nicely. What do you make of Mourinho’s quotes ? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.