Jon Snow To Journey South To Meet Daenarys



Filming for Season 7 of HBO’s hit Drama series Game Of Thrones is in full swing in Spain. Despite the tight security there have been plenty of leaked images and spoilers circulating around the internet. Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei tweeted this out:


One such spoiler is a potential meeting between two of the shows main characters. Jon Snow has been pictured in the South alongside the faithful Onion Knight Ser Davos Seaworth in what appears to be Dragonstone , the Targaryen ancestral seat last held by the late King Stannis Baratheon.

Dothraki have also been spotted indicating Daenarys has taken the castle. Jon’s reasons for journeying south to Dragonstone are reportedly to acquire Dragonglass (which can be used to kill Whitewalkers and is mined at Dragonstone) rather than seek an alliance with Daenarys as there is already a conflict of interest. Daenarys will be unlikely to grant the North independence while Jon will not bend the knee so easily.  The two can be seen meeting here:


Peter Dinklage was also spotted on set and after meeting with  Jon Snow once again, will feature in a scene with Davos and a returning fan favorite Gendry.

Filming is set to continue for the next few months so keep following us for further developments.