James Franco To Play Multiple Man



Fox and Marvel are yet again bestowing us with another one of their X-Men spinoffs. This time they are bringing Multiple Man on the big screen. James Franco is expected to play the role of Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man and will be working along with script writer Allan Heinberg and producer Simon Kenberg.

So who is Multiple Man? Multiple Man comes from the X-Men universe and is one of the lesser known mutants. From birth Madrox had the abilities of producing multiple copies of himself. His first reincarnation of himself when the doctors slapped him to breathe when he was born. Madrox’s father to protect his son sent him to a farm. Madrox’s abilities were also known by Charles Xavier who gave Madrox a special suit to control his powers. While the suit worked initially, as Madrox grew so did his powers which outgrew the suit.

As Madrox began to control his powers, he decided to use them for good. He took on several roles for the good of humanity. Initially he started off working for the X Factor before becoming a private detective in the mutant division of NYC. Later he decided to put his entrepreneurial skills to test by opening his own agency, X Factor Investigations.

The fact that Fox and Disney are sharing two different Marvel universes can be quite rewarding for the fans. This promotes healthy competition and brings out the best in both the entertainment companies. While Disney is playing along with the Avengers, Fox is bringing newer, lesser known characters to the big screen. The competition thus is allowing fans to see the truly broad horizon of the Marvel comic book universe.

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