Jack Jack, Jack of All Trades In Incredibles 2



We take a look at  the numerous powers that the youngest Incredible Jack Jack displayed in Incredibles 2

Its been a long, long time since we saw the first part of the Incredibles. Now finally we are being treated to the second installment after some 13 or so years. The teaser trailer of the movie was recently released. It was a short trailer showing only Mr. Incredible and his youngest son Jack Jack. Jack Jack was he main attraction of the trailer where we got to see the range of his super powers.

From the first Incredible Installment, we saw that Super heroes normally have one core super ability. Dash for instance can run first , Helen has an elastic body, Bob has super strength, while Violet has special force field creating abilities. In the latest trailer it seems that Jack Jack may be blessed with more than one super hero ability.

As the name implies, the youngest of the Incredible family lot is a jack of all trades. Jack Jack has super strength, shape shifting abilities, self combustion and even powers to turn into fire. He is currently the most inexperienced member of the Incredibles family but might turn out to be the most valuable.

The story of Incredibles 2 is expected to focus on Elasti girl or Helen’s challenges in nurturing her family simultaneously working as a full time super hero. For some off reason all of her family members including Bob are leading normal lives. Helen is the sole member of the family engaged in crime fighting.

Also certain fan theories suggest that Jack Jack might actually be the primary antagonist in the movie , well that would be a real bummer.

It’s nice to see the Incredibles 2 finally hitting the big screen in 2018. You can watch the teaser trailer down below.