IT A Maverick To The Horror Movie Industry: Here’s Why



Andy Muschietti’s IT has made quite a perceptible mark on the box office. The movie has managed to earn an astounding $13.5 million on Thursday night pre-screenings and is on a record breaking spree. Previously Deadpool held the record for biggest preview gross for an R rated horror film. But IT’s emanation has caused that record to fall to the jitters. The movie further has also managed to hold the title of the biggest start of a horror film.

Horror movies aren’t generally horror anymore. Movies which supposedly many call horror are filled with violence and gruesome screens that do not define the true definition of horror films. Such movies thus aren’t receiving the reception as they should making an old art fall victim to attrition. This fact is also perceptible on IMDB’s website. Ratings for horror movies have fallen to such an extent that even the benchmark to judge these films has receded over the years. Any movie with a rating above five is considered a good horror movie. Any other movie with a similar rating may not be as well received.

Needless to say that the Horror movie genre has become a bit clichéd , and hence the genre has recently been ignored by most big budget productions. IT perhaps has changed the game for the genre, and it has done this by sticking true to Stephen King’s cult classic original source material.

While it might be too soon, IT can be considered a maverick to the horror movie industry. While the rating may deteriorate over time it has received an 8.4 on IMDB. The movie is expected to earn $60 million to $65 million by the end of the weekend and may be the silver lining to the rather slow box office.

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