Issues Reported After The Xbox One Spring Update


Users over at Reddit have reported issues with the latest Xbox One Spring update. More specifically the issue is that users are being locked out of their consoles. The said update rolled out a couple of days ago and was supposed to bring along with it a refreshed interface which would in the words of Microsoft ” speed up the console”.

However it has inadvertently run into some issues which plagues quite a few users. The issue seems to happen after you install the Xbox One Spring Update , and then a message appears after you try logging in to your Xbox , the login works as it should but the message which appears on the screen says that the system shows a warning that it had trouble finding  the update. However you have already installed the update and there is no other update to be found.

There have been a number of reported cases , here are a few of them.


Same. Restarted it and still got the error message. Chose the sign in offline or whatever it was and was able to get in to Netflix at least (haven’t tried gaming).


I unplugged the Xbox for 30 seconds and it got me working again. Reboot and shutdown did not work.


I just clicked “Turn off Xbox” and it seems to be working fine since booting it back up.


I’m trying to play online and every game says “syncing data’ before failing out. What’s going on 🙁

The issues it seems occur randomly and there is no real way of finding out what is causing them, the issue locks you out of the console until and unless you skip the whole update and continue playing games offline.

A temporary fix has been suggested which sees the user unplugging the console and then turning it on again. however if the problem persists , you unfortunately have to wait for a fix.

Let us know if you have been facing the same issues after Xbox One’s Spring update by commenting in the comments section below.