Can The Future Barry Allen Possibly Be The Speed God Savitar?



The Flash TV seasons are quite consistent when it comes to developing plots. Each season starts with a mysterious villain causing havoc in Central City. As the season progresses, the Flash and his team at Star Labs gain clues and finally in the end the true identity of the villain is revealed. The same could be said for Flash’s season 3. This time the villain goes by the name of Savitar and like the last two seasons is another speedster.


The name Savitar was taken from the Hindu God of motion and he appears to be one of Flash’s medicineconvention most threatening enemies. In addition what makes Savitar most different from the other enemies is  his ruthless nature. As seen in the episodes, in the future, Savitar kills Iris. Flash finds out that in the future, Iris is killed by Savitar. As the Flash has always had a thing with Iris, is desperate to change things. Barry who has made attempts to time travel in the past as well attempts to alter events in the present in order to alter the future but all his attempts account for nothing and he is forced to travel to the future.

As mentioned above, Savitar has proved to be one of the deadliest villains of the Flash. The plan to go to the future would not only be aimed at saving Iris but also learning more about the super villain and gaining insights on how to beat him. The next episode of Flash is set to be aired on April 25th and is titled The Once and Future Flash. Flash in this episode will go to the future and find out that the future is far different from the present.

The date when Flash will be travelling to the future will be April 25th 2025. There he would meet his team but in the future Star lab seems to been have abandoned, the future flash is blaming the current flash and Wally West is paralyzed. So the question now lies that whether the disturbing events of the future make it easy to discover, Savitar’s true identity.

Many of us are interested to know the true identity of Savitar. Although we may not know the true identity as of yet we can make some guesses. One popular fan theory that has taken the streets by the storm is that the future Flash is Savitar.  Barry in the second season created the time remnant and the future flash dies by going into the speed force.In the speed force when the philosopher’s stone is thrown it could have caused some sort of chain reaction converting the future flash into Savitar. He is punished for creating the time remnant and is forced to see his mother die again and again. This could be a reason which could have driven the future flash mad and forced to kill Iris.  In addition, the Savitar in season 3 has also on many occasions has made the statement that he is Flash. As mentioned above, when Flash goes into the future he is blamed by the future flash for the current turn of events. This reveal shows that the future Flash isn’t happy with the present flash and has some personal animosity to settle.


Savitar also seems to know a lot about the team at Star Labs. This is another indication that Savitar may be a member from the current team. This statement from the December 6 episode proves this “I know you, Caitlin. Cisco, Joe, Wally. The fake Wells. I know your fears and I know your weaknesses. I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your destinies.”




  1. Well if you look up season 3 online you can see that Carlos Valdes’s name is by Savitar’s name.

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