Iron Fist Writer Joins Inhuman’s Production Team


Marvel Studios does not plan on trying to take the Inhumans easy because they are working with and for it. The comic book guru and US network ABC has picked TV veteran writer Scott Buck to put forth the story of the lost Attilan citizens to both the small and the big screen.

Buck is perfect for the job! Not only because he has worked with Marvel for upcoming Netflix’s Iron Fist before but also because he’s worked on prestige HBO dramas, namely Six Feet Under, Rome, Dexter.

Marvel Inhumans is being advertised as the ‘never-before-told’ story of Black Bolt and his family. The movie to-be creators Marvel Cinematic Universe and ABC announced last month that Marvel Inhumans will be one of a kind TV drama. It will be interesting to see how Inhuman’s fit in to Marvel’s cinematic universe , and whether ABC turns out to be a suitable home for the series.

Prior to airing on TV, the first two episodes will be premiered in US IMAX cinemas that commence on September 1, 2017 and then moved to ABC Network on September 26th, 2017.

The myths of the Inhuman species has, in the past, been explored in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s second and third season, basically with secondary Inhumans and not the species’ ancient royal family. This specy has either been blessed or cursed with superhuman powers due to exposure to the mystical Terrigen Mists while passing from adolescence to adulthood.

An example is Medusa who can combat with just her deadly hair oh and Lockjaw can teleport. Even Prince Harry can’t top that. Or can he??

Marvel’s Inhumans can be seen on ABC in September 2017 , let us know if you are excited for the Inhumans TV debut or you would have preferred a feature fil by commenting in the comments section below.