Indie PC Game Dead By Daylight On It’s Way to PS4 and Xbox One


One of the games that became a great indie phenomenon on PC is Dead by Daylight. This multiplayer horror game involves of 4 players going against one killer, the game draws from pop culture titles such as Friday the 13th, Halloween and more. The game is now finally heading to PS4 and Xbox One with the launch date of North America to be June 20th and of Europe to be June 23rd. The game retails for $29.99. Here’s what the developers have had to say about this:

“Players experience two styles of gameplay — as a survivor, from third-person perspective; or the killer, in first-person perspective. Survivors can work together or act alone using their situational awareness, while killers are on the hunt in first-person, focused on their prey. With a dynamic environment that changes after every play through, players must find new ways to escape the Killing Ground without getting caught.”

The game has, up till now, sold 1.8 million copies and this was only for when it was on PC. Hence, it’s a definite success for the developers of the game, Behavior Interactive, as well as the publishers 505 Games and Starbreeze. This lopsided multiplayer has even set the stage for intense and exhilarating matches. A team of four players must put their skills and heads together in order to survive and attempt to reach objectives while escaping.

The game will be arriving in both, digital and retail versions, for PS4 and Xbox One. The physical copies that will be in the shelves of the stores will have extra content as well such as “The Original Soundtrack. The 80’s Suitcase add-on. The Bloodstained Sack add-on. The Of Flesh and Mud chapter add-on. And a future DLC to be announced!”

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