Incredibles 2: The Plot Twist That Might Just Work



The first look of the Incredibles 2 was released recently, and we see the whole Incredible family in action. In the poster reveals Bob leading the pack once again followed by Helen and the kids. While we may be familiar with Dash and Violet we have a latest member in the faction Jack Jack.

Jack Jack is probably the most anticipated hero into the Incredible roster and its not just because he is cute. Jack Jack has a huge array of super hero abilities and might be the best Incredible as of yet. Jack Jack has numerous abilities including flying, teleportation, floating through walls, heat vision and even the ability to turn into flame.

From the looks of it, Disney too is purposely including the youngest character in every promotional activity including the trailer just to show how important of a character he is. The villain of the movie is still unknown, but considering the arsenal the super hero squad now possesses he should be someone heavy.

Most Disney movies tend to have little plot twists with rather predictable story lines. While this may be too much to ask from Disney we believe that a unexpected twist might just work for them. Considering the arsenal of super hero abilities Jack Jack possesses we believe it would be an ideal fit for him to join the dark side. This way the true temperament of the Incredibles family would also be seen.

It is also possible that somehow Jack Jack is mind controlled or manipulated by an as of yet unknown antagonist, that would definitely make a lot more sense and would also serve as an interesting story as well.

It has been 13 years since we last saw the Incredibles on screen , and their return has been long awaited. The Incredibles 2 will be released on 15th June 2018.