More Than 500 Indie Games Witnessed Success Through ID@Xbox


A success for Microsoft and indie game developers is the ID@Xbox program which announced more than 500 titles that made their way to Xbox One and Windows 10 . Initiated in 2014, the ID@Xbox program was set up by Microsoft to publicize and administer independent games on their console. Novice developers, formerly, boasted about the program that saw both money and support coming their way in order to assist their game to go out there.

The director of ID@Xbox, Chris Charla had something to say, “A little more than three years ago, we took to the stage at Gamescom to unveil a brand-new program for Xbox One. Our goal was to make sure Xbox players have access to the best, most diverse collection of games by making sure we enabled developers of all shapes and sizes to self-publish their creations on Xbox One.”
In April 2017, many games were released via the program, including Voodo Vince: Remastered, Thimbleweed Park, and Cities: Skylines. With these and many other launches, the count of the number of games released by ID@Xbox has reached 500 titles. Here’s what Charla said,
“Today’s news is a cool milestone not just for us at ID@Xbox and the independent game developer community; it’s a milestone for everyone who loves great games. In 2016 alone, tens of millions of people played an ID@Xbox title on Xbox One or Windows 10 – what’s more, those players spent more than a billion hours playing ID@Xbox games.”
In order to get a whole list of all the 500+ games on Xbox One and Windows 10 released through the program , check it out here. The list is quite impressive and filled with amazing games. Games developed by indies have become a huge part of the gaming industry in the past couple of years, and their journey to meeting a console was a hard struggle.