Horizon Zero Dawn’s Graphics Not Using PS4 To Full Capacity


The story, open world and graphics of the game, Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games was critiqued and praised when it launched. On the other hand, although it was developed for the Pro as well, the graphics of Horizon Zero Dawn are not actually using the console up to full capacity. This is mainly because the game has been attuned this way by Guerrilla itself for the console.

For Sony and PlayStation, the PS4 Pro has been a pretty darn well success. But the console has received varied reviews with respect to upping the graphics on games like it should have. Many owners said that the console sometimes does not make a game run as well as it would on the original PS4.

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As per Horizon’s developers, Guerrilla Games, the game was already pretty completed around the time of the announcement of PS4 Pro. But all that had to be done by Guerrilla was to tweak Horizon a bit in order to make it run smooth on both the consoles and the insights and numbers would then speak for themselves.

Although Guerrilla said that they would perhaps have utilized the console’s ability in another way had they been developing Horizon for PS4 Pro from the ground up, the game’s graphics were modified with the normal anti-aliasing and supersampling which basically comes with games on the Pro. With 1080p TVs and HDR, the graphics seem lush and beautiful which can be seen from anywhere around the world.

Also, if you own a PS4 or PS4 Pro but have not yet picked up a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn then you can still purchase it now to initiate the experience via the post-apocalyptic times in the US.

Irrespective of which console you own, the graphics of Horizon Zero Dawn will leave you flabbergasted as they are beautiful and amazing on both. Meanwhile, the success of the game can only mean one thing and that revolves around the goodness of the Pro in the future endeavors as the developers keep both, PS4 and PS4 Pro keeps the consoles in mind.