Horizon Zero Dawn’s Development Budget Exceeds 45 Million Euros


Horizon Zero Dawn marks Guerilla Games entry into the action role-playing genre, and the game has been met with critical acclaim. It’s stunning visuals and engaging gameplay have bowled over critics.

Developing Horizon Zero Dawn might be considered a ballsy move from Guerrilla, since the developer has previously only worked on Killzone games mostly. But the hard work and money they’ve put into Horizon is clearly visible. Over 45 million pounds were spent on Horizon during development, according to Guerilla Games. This makes it the largest Dutch Media production ever.

The games concept first came into being back in 2011, when Guerrilla held a contest among its employees to bring forward their ideas regarding a new game. Despite the many great ideas that were presented, the ultimate decision was made in favor of Horizon Zero Dawn, and the decision seems to have paid off.


The game follows the story of Aloy, a huntress that has been cast out of her tribe, as she journeys across H: ZD’s world to find out more about her past and the past of the civilization that came before hers. She’ll have to fight for survival against robotic animals which roam H: ZD’s expansive, as well as human bandits.

Right now, Horizon is one of the best looking PS4 games available, if not the best. Its already stunning graphics are enhanced to a new level if the game is played on a PS4 Pro. The many unique and starkly different environments that the games offers you to explore will absolutely amaze you with their beauty.

The game is simply a true masterpiece, a one of a kind experience that is a must-have for all PS4 owners. The game brilliantly showcases the effort that the talented team at Guerilla Games put in, and leaves us craving more and more of its compelling story and gameplay.