Horizon Zero Dawn : Watch Sony Tease 4 Epic Monsters Of The Game


Guerrilla games Horizon Zero Dawn certainly has a lot of hype surrounding it , and just recently we learned about the game’s leaked screenshots.

The game is supposed to release on the 28th of February (1st March for PAL regions), and in anticipation of its release Sony has released a bunch of videos detailing the different kinds of mechanical monsters that are going to be a part of the game

These “robo dino’s” are seemingly an important part of the game’s setting , and are deemd to be the primary inhabitants of Earth after an unnamed calamity resulted in Mankind going back to the dark ages.

Here are the robo’s in question

Behemoth: All Terrain Transport

This four legged beast is sort of a mechanized buffalo which appears to be some sort of a transport unit. It travels and herds and the video seems to suggest you can even hack this unit and use it for your own transportation.

Stormbird: Air Superiority

This winged beast seems to be modeled after the pterodactyl , and it certainly has most of the characteristics of its  pre-historic counterpart. The Stormbird can be hacked , and features a number of unique weapons which you can use in combat.

Snapmaw: Robotic Alligator

This is a supposed water type unit modeled after a crocodile. Its termed as an acquisition type unit , which lets you gather and process resources.Although the trailer also shows it to be a nifty ally when it comes to combat as well.

Thunderjaw: The Big Bad T-Rex With A Laser

This is what we can call the games “Tank” class. The behemoth is an all out offense machine and comes equip with a number of machine guns , and a laser amongst other things.No prizes for guessing that it will be one of the most useful units in the game.

According to the devs there are 25 different mechanized beasts in the game , so its anybody’s guess what the rest of them do.