Horizon Zero Dawn UK TV Spot Shows Earth Plunged Into Darkness


Sony must be appreciated for bringing out one of the most stellar gaming lineups in years. One of the those games which is being touted as a potential Game Of The Year is Horizon Zero Dawn.

Not much is currently known about the game’s story apart from the fact that the protagonist will be named Aloy , and she will have to roam a Post Apocalyptic land which is now inhabited by machines.

The developers Guerilla gamers have done a brilliant job with the game , and I hope to get it as soon as the game releases on the 28th of February.

previously we found out about the creative process , and the storytelling that took into developing a game like Horizon Zero Dawn. However not much is known about the premise of the game , and the events which led to the events of the game.

However a TV advert from UK might have given us a little hint about how the demise of the world in which Aloy lives in came about. The 31 second trailer starts of by being slowly overtaken by nature , it then shifts to Aloy trying to take upon a “Mechanized Dino “, while she contemplates finding out what actually led to the demise of the world , and how the machines took over. You can watch the TV spot below

I don’t know about you , but the trailer gave off a really Sky-net type of vibe( yes I know I am referring to Terminator). With the whole rise of the machines serving as an interesting back drop to the story.

Horizon Zero Dawn comes out almost two weeks from now on 28th February in North America, and 1st March in the rest of the world. Let us know if you will be buying the game by commenting in the comments section below.