Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Leaked Early: Here Is A Look At The Cauldrons


We recently saw an advert which aired in the UK for Horizon Zero Dawn . Which showed the world plunged into darkness.

It now appears that there have been some leaked screenshots making their way around the internet courtesy of NeoGAF. The game is said to feature in an open world area which is to be called the Cauldron. Oddly enough the world resembles the Xbox One title ReCore.

The pick of them all , and my personal favorite if I may add is the one in which Aloy is travelling with her horse probably to scavenge something. It looks absolutely majestic , and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when looking at it. The other oneshows a house like structure. You can see the screenshot’s for yourself down below.

The other two screenshots are a bit dark and gritty and show Aloy trying to get out of the line of fire. It probably depicts the scene of a mission . You can check them out , by scrolling down below.

Woah baby that does indeed look sweet. So what do these leaked screenshots mean? it means that somewhere somehow the street date for the game has been broken. This is a common phenomenon which we have seen happen in the past as well in the Middle East and the Latin American territories. One most recent example of this is when the street date of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard broke in the Middle East way ahead of time.

So it probably means that some lucky folks have probably gotten their grubby paws on Horizon Zero Dawn well before its release date of February 28th/ March 1st.

The review embargo for Horizon Zero Dawn ends on the 20th of February, the game is rumored to take 45 hours for a 100% completion , and is said to have a map as large as the Witcher 3.

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