Horizon Zero Dawn Rumored To Be Going Gold By End Of Next Week


Horizon Zero Dawn is perhaps one of the most anticipated games of 2017, and this is largely due to its lush graphics and gameplay , which if the trailer is anything to go by look far better than anything that Guerrilla has worked on.

Horizon Zero Dawn however is not just a game with outstanding visuals , and the recent story trailer showed that there is indeed a captivating story attached to the title as well, and early signs indicate that the game will be released to critical acclaim.


Sony has been promoting the game like crazy , and it seems that great things are expected from Horizon Zero Dawn. Well known industry insider Shinobi thinks the same as well as he posted on a Horizon thread that internal response to the game is very positive and that the higher ups are regarding it amongst the best things to come from PlayStation’s first party. That’s saying something if you think about it, and this could mean that this game could actually be right up there with the likes of The Last Of Us and the Uncharted Series.

Shinobi also went on to say that the game would probably have “Gone Gold” by the end of next week. This indicates that the development is done and dusted and there should be no more delays, and that the game is just waiting to be released.

As always though this is but a rumor ( a credible one though), and hence any such news should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made. The game however does look fantastic , and I honestly believe that it is going to be a standout title in 2017.

Let us know what are your opinions about Horizon Zero Dawn, and would you actually pre -order it by commenting in the comments section below.