Horizon Zero Dawn Is Reportedly In Beta, Knack 2 To Focus More On Gameplay


There is much anticipation and excitement surrounding Guerilla Games upcoming action role-playing video game Horizon Zero dawn, and the developer is working round the clock to deliver the best game possible. As we all know delays have become something of a norm in the gaming industry and many fans have had their concerns over whether Horizon Zero Dawn may also fall victim to the trend.

Fortunately though the game is apparently on schedule according to well-known industry insider shinobi602. The NeoGaf user has once again took the forums to shed some light on the upcoming game. Shinobi602 claims there isn’t any reason to be concerned regarding the game facing a potential delay. He posted on NeoGaf stating “Wouldn’t worry, they hit beta a few weeks back. It good baby” which is an indication that the developers are on track for the game.

The NeoGaf user also offered some insight regarding Knack 2 that was revealed during PlayStation Experience. When questioned if whether the developer would push for the cinematic presentation like the first game did, he responded by saying:

They learned a LOT of lessons from The Order. Expect more focus on gameplay systems and mechanics.

Recently, Guerrilla Games’ David Ford said that everything shown so far is just a glimpse of the game, so we should expect a huge world with a long lasting story.

He also said that Horizon Zero Dawn would feature lots of weapons, upgrades, and outfits, to allow players to play according to whichever style suits them so customization should be an integral part of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 so it’s no surprise it also supports the PlayStation 4 Pro with Guerrilla Games Technical Director Michiel van der Leeuw explaining how the game will be enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro.

Are you looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn and what would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set for launch on February 28, 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4.