Horizon Zero Dawn Player Stats Boast Numbers In Millions


Horizon Zero Dawn’s player stats have been shared by the games director, Mathjis de Jonge, and the numbers are very impressive. Player deaths have gone over 95 million, meaning our flame haired huntress Aloy has been brutally murdered (or fallen off steep hieghts) over 95 million times since the games launch less than a month ago. When you think about it those are a lot of deaths that Aloy has gone through.

According to de Jonge, the player death stats include five million deaths due to Thunderjaws (huge, fearsome T-Rex-like robots), while surprisingly there were 400,000 deaths via Tallnecks (considering they are mostly passive, the deaths are likely due to the player falling off them…or getting stepped on). There were also 3 million deaths from Stalkers, and only 348 deaths from log traps.

Other stats were shared as well. When it comes to most-killed enemies, de Jonge said players have killed 1.4 million Thunderjaws, 1.7 million Thunderbird enemies, 20 million Turker enemies, 152 milliom watchers and a staggering 490 milliom Bandit/Eclipse enemies.

The numbers from Guerilla Games latest game aren’t that big of a surprise. The game has so far been a major success, selling over 2.6 million copies in less than a month. This heralds good news for Guerilla Games, as this is their first venture into the RPG open-world genre of games. The success of Horizon Zero Dawn could possibly lead to Guerilla Games making more open-world games like it in the future.

Rumors suggest that Guerrilla Games might be willing to make a sequel which stars a brand new protagonist for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 , however any potential sequel is years away , and will likely be released on the next PlayStation console whatever it might be called.

The future looks bright for H:ZD. Guerilla can expect a major boost in sales during the summer after exam season as well as during the Holiday season.