Horizon Zero Dawn’s Opening Sequence Problem Affects A Few Players, Guerrilla Games Working On A Fix


Horizon Zero Dawn has released to a lot of critical acclaim and aplomb. However since its release some users have reported Horizon Zero Dawn’s opening sequence problem.

The issue is apparently with the discs, and has been reported by a small and yet significant number of the people who purchased the game. with the most common problem reported being that the game “locks up” during the opening sequence , and you have to skip it entirely if you want to play the game. other users have reported that they have been getting a disc read error. The problem persists even after many of them have tried repeatedly only to receive the error message of Application could not be read.

One reddit user alia94 also reported that there were problems in in-game cut-scenes as well.

I managed to do the first part of gameplay but a cutscene just froze it again, think the cinematically are a bit too much to handle for my PS4, gameplay was buttery smooth though

Thankfully though Guerrilla Games has remained vigilant and has ensured that they notified the the fans that they were looking into the problem , and that a solution will be found sooner rather than later. Here is what they have to say about the problem being experienced by the players

We’re aware that a small number of players have encountered an issue while viewing the opening cinematic of Horizon Zero Dawn. We apologize for the inconvenience, and want to assure you that we’re currently looking at the problem and investigating solutions.

I hope a solution is found sooner rather than later , however its great to see Guerrilla Games doing all that they can to ensure that the fans have the best possible experience.

Let us know if you have been affected with Horizon Zero Dawn’s opening sequence problem by commenting in the comments section below.Also check out our coverage on Horizon Zero Dawn’s potential sequel by clicking here.