Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Announced “The Frozen Wilds”



The first DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn has officially been announced by Sony and it is titled “The Frozen Wilds”. Accordingly, the expansion will take Aloy to the snowy wilderness! Initial impressions from the crowd at E3 was really positive and the trailer got one of the largest cheers of the night.


There was no specific release date announced but it was confirmed that it will be released in 2017. The first trailer has just been showcased at the Sony conference and it provided a brief look into what we might expect from the story DLC. Here is the trailer in question for your viewing.


This story expansion was announced earlier this year and this is the first time that it has been officially seen. The game outdid itself as it sold more than 3 million copies so an expansion was definitely coming for it. Keep checking back as we bring the latest from the Sony conference to you as soon as it is released! Let us know your opinions regarding Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wild by commenting in the comments section below.