Horizon Zero Dawn Developer Diaries Provides Insight’s Into the Games Story And Much More


For many Horizon Zero Dawn is already shaping up to be a game of the year contender. The initial impressions are very positive , and it is believed that Sony is going to go all out to promote developer Guerrilla Games latest offering.

With only three weeks left till the games release, Guerrilla Games have released 3 developer diaries which talk about their  experiences in developing the game, and the efforts that went into the development of the storyline.

The first video talks about Guerrilla Games and how they went from developing Killzone which in its own right was a pretty decent FPS , to developing an action RPG . They talk about how they deviated from a tried and tested formula , and went on to undertake a completely new challenge. In the words of Co -Founder Helmen Hurst it is the “single most ambitious project” that they have undertaken

The second video goes on to explain how the team required new talent to bring the game alive. Hence to tell a rich immersive story new writers and quest designers were brought in to work on the game. Most of the said individuals had prior experience of working on open world games before, and this translated very well into the final version of the game.

The last video showcases the design process that went into developing the perfect look for Aloy. What’s interesting here is that they needed to incorporate a look of a tough warrior , who just happens to leave her  surroundings for the first time to combat a threat.

It was a difficult and long drawn out process which led to many different iterations of Aloy before they finally settled on the current one.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be releasing on 28th February 2017. Let us know if you will be buying the game by commenting in the comments section below.