Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding Will Showcase Different Side Of Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game Death Stranding has garnered the attention of many ever since it was announced. The game will star the talents of Norman Reedus who portrays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and also the incredible Mads Mikkelsen whose latest venture was as Galen Erso in Rogue One the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise. Norman Reedus has made quite a name for himself thanks to his portrayal  of Daryl on the TV series and according to Hideo Kojima, we’ll be seeing a much different side of him compared to his character on the show.

Kojima revealed to Sugoi-Japan that Death Stranding will show us a different side of Norman Reedus which you can have a preview of from the E3 trailer in which he’s naked, in tears and hugging a baby.

With the very first trailer, I wanted to show a different side of Norman than we’re used to seeing, by having him in tears and hugging an infant. Most people only know him as Daryl from ‘The Walking Dead’. However, this time, Norman… is butt naked! [laughs]. Don’t you think Mads Mikkelsen look cool in the second trailer [slyly smiling]? I’m absolutely in love with Mads, to the point where I watch one of his films every day.

Kojima also said that Death Stranding will use a modified version of Guerilla Games’ DECIMA game engine. According to him DECIMA is a fantastic game engine and that they plan to make the game photorealistic when it releases.

Decima is a fantastic render engine, but there’s no point if we create the same world as Guerrilla Games. Horizon: Zero Dawn has a fantastic artistic vision, but we are more aiming for a photorealistic style.

Death Stranding is currently in development at Kojima Productions and the game is expected to launch in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.