Herman Hulst On Horizon Zero Dawn’s Success: “PlayStation Lets Us Make What We Want”


Horizon Zero Dawn has been a hit with both the critics and the fans , and PlayStation recently announced that it had become the best selling first party IP with sales exceeding 2.6 million globally.

Credit surely goes to Guerrilla Games who took a massive gamble with developing an open world RPG , despite having no prior experience in the game genre, and yet it has paid of brilliantly.

In a recent interview with Dutch publication AT5 Managing Director of Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst talked about the amazing success of the game amongst other things , and if his words are anything to go by Sony has done a great job in allowing creative freedom to the developers. Here is what he had to say

“We can do whatever we want. So far all games Guerrilla been profitable”. “As long as we hold that we keep our creative freedom. “

Clearly allowing creative freedom to the developers has done wonders for Sony and the PS4’s exclusive lineup. They keep churning out amazing exclusives one after another . In a matter of few months they have released Team Ninja’s Nioh, Guerrilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn, and the recently released in North America Platinum Games Nier : Automata.

Its a formula that is working really well for Sony , and if the rumors are correct then the God Of War 4 release later this year will all but ensure that the year 2017 will be Sony’s in the long running console wars.

There is also talk about a potential sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn  which might feature a different protagonist in the future, as according to the developers there are still a lot of tribes and a lot of stories to be told within the game’s universe.

For now though we should just enjoy the amazing storytelling experience that is Horizon Zero Dawn.