Here’s What PS4 Firmware Update 4.71 Does

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PS4 Firmware Update 4.71 is now live and you will most probably see it when you boot up your PlayStation.

A new firmware update has come up and these updates are just something that we NEED in our lives and SONY doesn’t hesitate on enlightening us with them. The newest update is the one for PS4 and it is a worldwide update. However, as excited as we got, it wasn’t as big as we deemed it to be so it really isn’t something that we NEED. But oh well…

The update is called version 4.71 which is similar to the May update called version 4.70. In short, this update is only to make better the quality of the performance of your system, nothing else.

Whoever has a PS4 must download this new update if they chose to play online. But you must make sure that your system automatically applies it if you have left it in Rest Mode.

For sure, this obscure phrase does not give us a lot of information regarding this. However, we can tell you the size of the update is going to be similar to previous firmware update and is going to stand at a meager  324.8MB.

A hardware based firmware update for PS4 has not happened since quite some time , however PS4 Firmware Update 4.71 does not do much at all and should take a couple of minutes to install at best.