Here’s How You Can Max Out Your Starship In No Man’s Sky For Free

Sean Murray No mans sky

You start No Man’s Sky with an inaugural ship that is accompanied with 15 storage slots. If you preordered the game, you are given the option to replace the starting ship with the Horizon Omega Ship; which has a total of 16 slots as well as a Hyperdrive which is used for Warp Speed Travel. In any case, whatever ship you choose has damaged parts and require immediate repairs for you to get started.

As you progress through the wondrous and unimaginably vast world of No Man’s Sky, you’ll begin to realize that the base amount of storage slots that you’ve been granted is not nearly enough to support you through your journey. There are two main efficient options that you have through which you can increase your storage slots; purchase a new ship from other travelers that land at space stations and slowly work your way up towards the maximum number of slots, which is 48, or figure out how you can properly salvage crash sites and locate the resources you need to achieve maximum slots without having to spend a single unit.

Before you begin farming for the optimal ship, get used to the world of No Man’s Sky and how resources work in terms of storage management. Materials that you mine and upgrades for your ship take up your storage slots. The latter is of the utmost importance as they improve your ship’s efficiency and broaden its potential overall. With more upgrades, your ship will be a lot more suited for warp speed flight and combat than the rusty bucket of bolts that you start your journey with.

Once you’ve journeyed through a few planets, you’ll begin to see more and more Crash Sites. These are the key to obtaining the perfect starship without having to spend any units. Ships at these crash sites usually have more slots than the one you’re currently flying, if the environment of the planet where you’ve discovered a crash site is suitable and Sentinels are fairly passive, you can repair the crashed ship and leave your previous ship behind. However, if the circumstances are not in favor of this option, you can salvage materials from this crash site to easily repair the ship at the next crash site you find.

Now that you know what you’re supposed to be doing, let’s talk about how crash sites are found. First, you’ll want to find a Signal Scanner which can be found on planet surfaces. They emit an orange beam, making them easier to spot during nighttime. You’ll need a bypass chip to access this contraption, which you can craft in your Exosuit Inventory using 10 Plutonium and 10 Iron. Once you’ve gained access, you’ll learn the location of a transmission tower. Make your way towards the transmission tower and from there, you can obtain coordinates for crash sites nearby. When you’ve done this a few times, you will be able to recognize transmission towers anyway and won’t need to locate more and more Signal Scanners to progress through your journey.
with a bit of effort and by devoting some time, you can get 48 storage slots on your ship without having to spend a single unit and you can enjoy the vast world of No Man’s Sky without any hindrance.  No Man’s Sky is now available on PC, PS4 and XBOX One.