Here’s How The Flash’s Big Screen Debut Will Be Different Than The TV Series


As all DC fans know, Barry Allen will be finally making his debut on the big screen in ‘Justice League’ due to be released on November 25, 2017 followed by his own solo movie initially to be released on March 16, 2018. However, since the movie has lost their second director Rick Famuyiwa (director of Dope) and no replacement in sight, the release is likely to be pushed back. Nevertheless, what has got the fans wondering is how the solo movie is going to be different than the TV series on the CW network which is already in its third season.

First, let’s get done with the obvious. Unlike the Marvel Universe which has integrated the TV shows with the movies, DC has decided to keep them separate and unrelated. This means Ezra Miller (not Grant Gustin from the TV series) who has already cameoed as the speedster in the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ will be playing Barry Allen.

The second difference we got a glimpse of through the cameos and trailers is the Flash suit. For those not updated with the Justice League set reports and rumors, the costume Ezra Miller was donning in the trailer was actually Barry Allen’s prototype suit. It is likely to be more updated with the help of Bruce Wayne later on in the movie. Compared to Gustin’s suit which is more fabric in nature, Miller’s suit has a armored tech-based feel to it similar to Batman in Arkham Knight. Nevertheless, both the version of the Flash, despite their distinctions, showcase different versions of the source material to two very different audiences. CW’s approach is opting for the classic Pre New 52 Flash stories and simultaneously adapting and modernize them, whereas, the DCEU decided to go for the modern tales and adjust them to the big screen. It will be exciting to see what the final costume will be like once Justice League comes out.

When it comes to the Flash himself there is debate as to whether in the movie version will Flash be at his true potential or still in the learning process. No synopsis has been released as of yet so it is difficult to expect what the movie is going to be about. However, DC Entertainment had an unveiling event on March 26th during which DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns talked about Flash’s backstory, “Barry Allen… his mother is killed. His father is blamed for it and put in prison. He becomes obsessed with forensic science. He wants to prove that his father was innocent. One night, working on his mother’s case, a bolt of lightning hits him and he gains super speed.’’ He later also confirmed that The Flash will also be able to time travel and that the past “is a place that he can visit”. All this gives an indication that the character is like to be similar to what has already been portrayed on the TV show.

This not only concerns me but also raises the question that if Warner Bros and DC plan to have a similar storyline to the TV version wouldn’t it have been better to give Grant Gustin a promotion from TV Flash to Movie Flash since The Flash is the only member of the Justice League with a co-existing TV show which can cause some confusion. Hopefully we will get our answers in due time.