Here’s A First Look At Marvel’s Black Panther Trailer



The Wolfhall takes a look at Black Panther’s trailer

Comic books and entertainment houses are trying to incorporate as much diversity as possible. Previously we use to see only the white male Americans assume the role of super heroes but recently the trend has changed. The world has now become a global village and people from different nationalities, race and religion want the super heroes to be amongst themselves.

Black Panther who is Marvel’s original Black super hero is now scheduled to get his own super hero film. Like the Spider Man, Black Panther first appearance came in Captain America Civil War. Before the film the audience thought of the Panther as an ordinary super hero but after the film, Black Panther was able to make quite a first impression.

The first teaser trailer for the Black Panther was released recently. The movie shows us Tchalla aka Black Panther protecting his city of Wakanda. During the start of the trailer we see Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman in talk about this city. Serkis in the trailer mentions that the City of Wakanda is actually the lost city of Eldorado. He also indicates that the city would be approached by poachers who would be looking to capture all the treasures of the long lost city and also boasts on how he is the only one who is managed to make out of the city alive.

From the teaser trailer the plot appears to be quite obvious. It seems that different people would try to come and rob the city of all its treasures while Black Panther would prevent them from doing so. In Marvel’s posters Black Panther is seen sitting on the throne who is also the king of the Wakanda.

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