Here’s Your First Look At David Harbour As Hellboy



Reboots have emerged as quite a popular trend when it comes to the film and the TV industry. Hellboy which has remained quite a popular franchise is being rejuvenated once again. David Harbour is set to play the character. An online poster of Hellboy was released just recently and the character seems as bad ass as ever. The poster only depicted the face of Hell Boy. The face had a muscular aura and hinted at quite a serious looking Hell Boy.The film will also star Mila Jovovich who is perhaps best known for her work on the Resident Evil film series.

Hellboy like most franchises is adapted from comic books. Normally in such scenarios there are always some fans that have complains regarding the movies not capturing the true essence of the comics. However for this movie fans can put their worries aside. Andrew Cosby and Christopher Golden are set to participate in the script writing process, For those of you who may have read the comics would know that Golden has written lots of material on Hellboy, knows the character well and would be an ideal person in truly representing the hero on the big screen. Neil Marshal will direct the film, while Mike Mignola would create the film.

Harbour the new lead for Hellboy has an immense challenge at his disposal. Perlman had played the character well and had set quite a high benchmark for the character. It would be interesting to see as how Harbour responds. The movie is set to come to the big screen by 2018 and production is expected to start at fall of 2017. From the looks of things the shows producers are in quite a hurry to bring the Film to the big screen. Lets just hope that they don’t rush things and keep the spirit of the character intact