Here’s What To Expect From Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War


The Wolfhall takes a look at what to expect from Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel is taking the Avengers to a whole new level, with its latest installment of the franchise Avengers: Infinity War. The movie is scheduled for release next year in April and is expected to be the best Avengers film yet. The distinguishing feature of the Avengers was the unification of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk. Fans were excited to see their favorite super heroes unite as one on the big screen and this feature became the single most important factor for the movies success. Now with Infinity war we may see our heroes unite with another superhero team, led by Peter Quill aka Star Lord, The Guardians of The Galaxy.

So what is infinity war all about? What could be so urgent and lethal that has led to the Avengers to cross paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy? Well to start off the first thing that comes to our mind at the thought is Thanos. Thanos is considered Marvel’s most bad ass villain. He is the meanest of all the villains with one mission alone which is to gather the infinity stones and to rule the universe.

For those of you who don’t know what the infinity stones were they were six singularities that were forged into stones before creation itself. These stones are the Tesseract or the space stone, the soul stone, the orb or the power stone, the mind stone worn by Vision, the Aether or the reality stone and the Time stone. As the names suggests, each stone has a unique ability. Thanos aims to collect all of these stones and became truly invincible.

After the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron we saw Thanos wearing an infinity gauntlet. The gauntlet is a tool that can hold all the infinity stones together. The bearer of the gauntlet can dictate the power of the infinity stones. Currently we have seen different infinity stones being found in different locations. The mind stone is with the Vision, Doctor strange has the time stone, the space stone is in the tesseract, the power stone was seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy and the reality stone was seen in Thor: the Dark World. It would be interesting to see whether Infinity stones will start with Thanos already possessing all the stones or would he go out and hunt for these stones.

Another issue that makes the sequel to the Avengers all interesting is the current state of affairs within the team. Before the infinity war, Marvel decided to release Civil War. In Civil War the team was in disarray. Iron Man and Captain America had formed their own factions and were pitted to bring the other down. Captain America throughout the film protected his friend Bucky who was being controlled by Hydra and was made to do unforgivable things. Tony Stark wanted Bucky to be arrested and brought to justice. The enmity between Captain America and Iron Man was further aggravated when Iron Man found out that Bucky was responsible for his parent’s death. Meanwhile Hulk and Thor have been transferred to some unknown planet and aren’t there.

The Earth in such state of affairs is vulnerable and Thanos will consider this as the perfect opportunity to unsettle Earth. Meanwhile we believe that our heroes after the Thanos invasion would come back to terms, settle their differences and unite. The Guardians of the Galaxy might also have a role in bringing the Avengers together.