The Latest Rumors On The Internet Shed Light On Savitar’s Identity


The Flash season 3 is heading towards its finale and fans are eager to find out the identity of Savitar. The internet is flooded with various theories of who Savitar may actually be but the question is whether all of these theories are correct? If not, the show’s producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns would be sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the drama that has developed over the course of the show.

Savitar is turning out to be quite a pain in the neck for the Flash and the gang. Unlike it’s predecessors, Savitar is quite good when it comes to playing mind games. Starting off Savitar plays an integral role between the Flash’s mistrust of Wally West. Secondly Savitar always seem to be ahead of the Flash and knows what his next move is. Thirdly he also has a role in spreading despair and negativity by claiming that he is the future and that Flash’s

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attempts of going to the future would last to nothing. Lastly but not least, Savitar in the future manages to kill Iris.

All of the pointers mentioned along with Savitar’s murder of Iris makes him a formidable villain. The Flash is more desperate than he has ever been and stopping him has become an utmost priority. So how do you tackle someone who is super fast, is always 10 steps ahead of you and is almost impossible to catch? Well the answer to this question is quite simple. You simply uncover who this person really is and then discover the tactics that he uses.

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As the season has progressed, one thing that many fans unanimously agree with is that Savitar is one of the current members of the team. Savitar seems to know a lot in general about Flash’s team. In one of the Flash’s episode aired on December 6, 2016, Savitar said that this “I know you, Caitlin. Cisco, Joe, Wally. The fake Wells. I know your fears and I know your weaknesses. I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your destinies.” This statement shows that he knows the team’s weaknesses and fears. In order to have a full insight of the team you must not have closely worked with them but also have access to their deepest darkest secrets. As the team now has been together for more than one season, we can expect them to know each other very well.

One popular fan theory that has emerged regarding the identity of Savitar is that its Cisco Ramon. While many would believe that Savitar is super fast there is also a theory that says that Savitar isn’t that fast afterall. People feel that flash instead of running is teleporting around the city. In Flash’s Season 3 Episode 7, we see Cisco opening portals. Now the basis for this theory originates from the said image

Although this just might be a prank from a fan , but it has sent the internet ablaze with many believing a speedster does not actually need a suit of armor, and that is exactly what Savitar has a full bodied suit of armor.

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Barry as the Flash has been constantly messing with the timelines. His visits to the past and the future managed to create the Flashpoint which in turn  led to the death of Dante (Cisco’s brother).  This could actually be the reason which might lead Cisco to create this elaborate illusion

Well Cisco might not be the self touted God Of Speed , and although we are still waiting for answers like all the others , this is an interesting theory to ponder at the very least. Let us know your theories by commenting in the comments section below


  • sean9115

    Interesting theory but I think its fake cisco is there in the future and doesn’t have his powers !