Top Ten Games In The UK For The Month Of October

top ten games

This year has been huge for console gaming, and this month has bought about a number of new and exciting additions to the gaming world. Keeping in mind the launch of PlayStation Virtual Reality and its 13 new game publications, UK’s Top game list has been distorted from the very bottom which has resulted in many alterations. Currently, many us and downs have even come forth from the UK Chart list in the past few days, yet, it has somehow gained steadiness now. It is now time to see who has managed to stand out in the Top 10 UK chart list of games.

See the list for October below, please take note that the week ends on 15 th October.

1. FIFA 17, Publisher: EA Sports

It wasn’t a shock when FIFA 17 took over the hearts and dominated the charts so effortlessly and rapidly, keeping in mind the breakthrough weekly sales made. Within a few days after the release, the football associated game has already made it to the number 1 spot for UK Top 10 list. Even 3 weeks after its release and the advent of VR gaming FIFA has managed to retain top spot, it is possible that FIFA 17 is only going to continue to throw itself in a state of self-consciousness as it silently and victoriously sits at number 1.

2. Gears of War IV, Publisher: Microsoft Studios

The third-person shooter game by Microsoft Studios seems to have captured the attention of audiences worldwide. On October 11 th , the newest GoW franchise was released. Now the question is whether GoW IV will be able to keep its spot a week after debut?

3. Mafia III, Publisher: 2K Games

Mafia III was considered a game which would be a smash hit, yet it seems to have captured the imagination of the gaming community. Despite lackluster reviews it still managed to sell decently.

4. WWE 2K17, Publisher: 2K Games

Another game of the publisher 2K Games made it to UK’s Top 10 list this month and it is one of the most awaited for professional wrestling Fans. WWE 2K17 which was released around the same time as Microsoft’s GoW IV currently sits in the 4th spot.

5. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Year Edition, Publisher: Square Enix

A lot of gumshoe theories were considered with respect to ROTTR’s restoration to PS and Square Enix’s intrepid change to return a year later. However, the results were great and favorable which lead to Lara Croft sitting on number 5.

6. Forza Horizon III, Publisher: Microsoft Studios

The most recent open-world racing game was met with praise by both commentators and fans with Trusted Reviewers scoring it at an impeccable 10/10. The starting of Forza Horizon 3 is essentially honorable to the way that it was released on an indistinguishable date from the FIFA 17.

7. PlayStation VR Worlds, Publisher: Sony

As per IGN reviews, “PlayStation VR Worlds seems like the demo disc that should’ve been included with the PlayStation VR. Some of its five bundled games are great demonstrations of what the PlayStation VR can do, but the others are throwaways that I’ll quickly forget I played.” This statement showcases how the hype of PS VR has shaken the gaming world, but yet it remains to be seen what more does virtual reality have to offer.

8. Skylanders Imaginators, Publisher: Activision

One of the biggest benefactors for the triumph of this diversion is that it has a lot of support from all previous and recent platforms such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U. It is also highly exciting and engaging!

9. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Publisher: Sony

This is another passenger of the hype of PS VR as is one of those diversions which enhance the usage of the VR headset. However, it is nowhere near big titles of Resident Evil VII and/or Outlast II.

10. Rocket League, Publisher: 505 Games

One of the longest sitting chart toppers is 505 Games’ vehicular soccer match. For right around 3 months, Rocket League has been lounging around the main 5 spots until the arrival of the PSVR which pushed it down to its present spot; number 10.