Halo 5: Guardians Might Receive New Content Updates

Halo 5

It seems Halo 5 Guardians might be getting yet another  content update in the near future. Its been nearly a year since the game was released, and this month Halo 5 owners were fortunate to receive the big Anvils Hammer update , which featured two new maps , whereas Windows 10 PC owners got Halo 5 : Forge , the free multiplayer map editor for the game , which also doubles as a medium for free online matches between PC players.  343 industries are actively looking into the issues surrounding the post release, according to the latest Community Update

We’re actively investigating issues impacting the “My Bookmarks” screen on both Xbox One and Windows 10, reports of server weirdness since the update, ISP specific reports impacting EU Pro League, and plenty more.

However it seems that there is a lot more in store for the fans of the long running saga. We already know about the custom game browser, which will allow both Xbox One and PC users to find custom games quickly, and that’s not all. It seems that 343 industries community update strongly suggests that there might be more in store for the fans of the franchise, if the statement below is any indication to go by that is:

Additionally, there’s more brewing on the Halo 5 front, and we’re not done just yet. Various teams here at the studio are hard at work finishing up a few different flavors of goodness, and we’ll be talking about all of that and more in the near future. I am particularly excited about that part.

The Halo series has cemented itself as a legend of gaming folklore, and it will be exciting to see what 34 industries has in store for us for the near future.