Guerrila Games : Why they Went With A Completely New Concept With Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is getting rave reviews and is scheduled to come out in a few days on the 28th of February if you reside in North America. The game has been generating a lot of hype and credit should go to Guerrilla games , who took on the challenge of creating a completely different game than what they were known for (Killzone series).

It seems to have paid off , and in a recent interview with PlayStation Lifestyle Lead Concept artist Roland Ijzermans explains why they decided to work on something so different.

This came from within the studio. When we were making… at the end of Killzone 3, the company said, ‘Okay. Everybody can make a pitch. What is the new thing that we’re gonna to make? We made Killzone. What is the next big thing that the studio is good in, that will match our profile, and something we can make?’ So a lot of ideas came from that and one of these ideas was Horizon. It was too ambitious. So we started to [do] other ideas first. We worked on that for half a year. But everybody gravitated towards Horizon in the sense that that had so much appeal for the team to work on.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge risk for Guerrilla Games as they did not have the required experience with open world games , previously they were renowned for the Killzone series, which I might add may also get a new entry if reports are to be believed. However to go from a shooter to an open world RPG is a huge risk , one which not many studios would have undertaken.

There might be a few days before Horizon Zero Dawn is officially released, for the time being though you can check out its latest trailer which talks in detail about the machines.